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EIFS Stucco Repair, Kansas City MO

EIFS stands for Exterior Insulation and Finishing System is a synthetic stucco cladding system. While EIFS Stucco looks similar to its close alternative – Hardcoat Stucco, the EIFS is lighter and is actually synthetic. Looking at its inner layers, it has different coats that have different functions and properties. In many cases, these layers improve the walling from water absorption and increase its air barriers.

The basic EIFS coatings or layers are water and air barrier, adhesive coatings, foam layers, and a base coat. These are all compressed thinly into a fiberglass mesh, and on top, a primer and finish coats are applied.


Why Choose EIFS Stucco in Kansas City?

There are a lot of benefits that EIFS stucco can provide. The exterior wall cladding is specially made to keep water and air out and acts as an insulation for your home. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of opting for EIFS.

Saves your household energy

The insulation layer of the EIFS system is a good insulator to keep the heat and/or air conditioning. It also provides air passage and puts excellent moisture protection. Hence, keeping your heater or your air-conditioning on for a long time may no longer be a problem with the EIFS stucco wall cladding system.


The International Building Code (IBC) and International Residential Code (IRC) include the use of the EIFS system.


A low-maintenance wall cladding system, EIFS stucco makes your wall very durable. It also increases your wall’s lifespan for years. The EIFS system is specifically designed to resist cracks and dirt.

Integrated characteristics

EIFS is installed with essential components that result in a higher quality walling system. The various layers that the EIFS is made up of are specifically designed to function independently but act as a whole piece. Using EIFS guarantees a good condition and durable walls that can last up to a decade.

Versatile design

EIFS stucco can offer various colors and textures. It gives a more contemporary and modern look to your home. It is aesthetically valuable and at the same time functions very well as a protective layer.

What are EIFS layers made up of?

There are multi-layer completing the whole EIFS Stucco wall system. These various layers function differently to complete the whole aggregate benefit of the EIFS stucco. Below are the parts that are in an EIFS layer:

Water Resistive Barrier

It is usually optional and most of the time, a premium accessory to an EIFS stucco. The water-resistive barrier is a substance that effectively improves water-resistant properties and characteristics. Commonly, water-resistive barriers are in a form of fluids, but some more unpopular materials are asphalt infused paper.

Adhesive Coating

Foams in the EIFS stucco is attached through an adhesive coating. The adhesive coating is specially created to excellently perform as an adhesive that runs vertically and horizontally onto the wall where the foam will be attached.

Foaming Insulating Board

foam in the EIFS stucco provides insulation for the wall. Thickness varies on the foaming insulating board. It is sometimes attached to the adhesive coating or fixed using nails or screws.

Mesh and Base Coatings

Mesh and base coatings are applied to embed into the mesh. It is specifically designed to improve the durability of the wall by attaching the base coat to the mesh that is made up of fiberglass.

Primer Coating

Prior to finishing, a primer coat is applied. While it is an option and most of the experts would not require it, it is highly recommended to apply a primer coat. The primer coat acts as an additional sealant to the base coat which will eliminate any possibilities of peeling and cracking.

Finish Coating

The final coating that is applied and will be the outside appearance off the wall. Hence, it should be done delicately to have a very smooth finish.

Why we Specialize in EIFS Stucco Repair?

KCMO Stucco Repair has been using EIFS stucco system application for years. We have sourced the best materials and technologies that are well-researched and designed to give the best performance. Our knowledgeable experts are trained on how to install an EIFS stucco cladding system. We also offer EIFS stucco repair which usually requires specific types of repair or restoration on the walls without even removing the whole wall. While some other companies find this very hard, our team of experts is able to focus repair on parts of the walls that are only damaged. This makes it more cost-efficient on the part of the client. So, if you have stucco crack repair and stucco ceiling repair needs, KCMO Stucco Repair is here for you.

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