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Stucco has been used in construction for a very long time and there is a reason why stucco remains the dominant choice in exterior constructions for both residential and commercial setup. Stucco works. It is durable, it is incredibly workable, and it is inexpensive. Now, if you are reading this, chances are you are already thinking of making the switch.

What is stucco?

To get you better acquainted with the idea of stucco, stucco is a mix of sand, lime, and water. It has a very straightforward composition that makes for a very durable surface material altogether. There are many ways it can be applied, depending on your needs and your stucco contractor’s assessment. It can be applied as a one base layer, a finishing layer, or the traditional three-coat method.

Most cement surfaces would bind excellently with stucco, but it is best to get your wall assessed. Old walls may have bond-inhibiting materials that may cause partial bonding that can cause more stress and problems in the long run. As durable, economical, and exciting as the idea of working with stucco is, it is important to have a professional opinion to know whether it is the right choice for your home in Lee’ Summit, MO. We are the top among the stucco repair companies in your area.

Our expertise and experience in the field allow us to offer a variety of services from simple stucco sealing, stucco patching and waterproofing, stucco installation and stucco refinishing, hardcoat stucco repair, EIFS stucco repair, and stucco water damage repair. We are basically a one-stop-shop for all your stucco system needs.

We take pride in being one of the most reliable stucco repair service companies and contractors in the Lee Summit Area. Our expertise allows us to make the most out of stucco, creating the best experience for our clients. Of course, the best experience for them is for them not to have to call us anytime soon after installation.

Our stucco repair contractors understand, however, that stucco installation and refinishing is a tricky business, and it is easy to underestimate the material. There are households that want to do it themselves or opt for a cheaper general services option. In cases when things go south and they are in need of stucco repair services, KCMO Stucco Repair is on call to save the day.

Why Choose Us

Since stucco can last for a lifetime, choosing a stucco contractor is a lifetime decision. Choose the wrong one and you will find yourself in more trouble before you have it. Choose the right one and you will get the most durability and longevity out of your stucco and out of your investment.

Of course, one of the things you have to consider is the location of the contractor. You want a stucco repair contractor that is close to home, but it is not the only consideration in terms of accessibility. The contractor must also be prompt and easy to contact because the last thing you want is to spend hours ringing an unattended phone when you are dealing with potential damage.

The most important thing in choosing a stucco contractor or a stucco company, at least in our opinion, is expertise. You would want to choose a contractor that has expertise or true specialization over the use, repair, and installment of stucco. Just like you would not go to the dentist to get your eyes checked, contacting a company that truly specializes in stucco handling is your best bet in getting a problem diagnosed or fixed should you be in need of maintenance, repair, or general help.

This is why it is a good thing that here at KCMO Stucco Repair, we make sure that our stucco contractors on the field are equipped with the latest technology and training. This allows us to stay on top in the industry and hold organic specialization over anything stucco related. Without our specialized expertise, every penny spent availing our state-of-the-art services are worth the investment.

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If you are thinking of making a switch, the first thing you want is to have a stucco contractor that can walk you through the process, present your options, and help you choose the best solutions.

Here at KCMO Stucco Repair, as much as we believe in the true durability of stucco, we understand that every household or construction is different, and stucco may still not be for everyone. This means that we are able to offer level-headed advice as to whether stucco is the right surface material for your home or for your establishment. This ensures that you are making the right choice and investment at all times.

If you think you are in need of stucco repair services in your area in Lee’s Summit, MO and surrounding areas, from the first sign of a leak, crack, or chipping on your stucco, it is best to call us, your trusted stucco contractor immediately. From EIFS stucco repair, stucco water damage repair, and Hardcoat Stucco repair to stucco patching and waterproofing, stucco siding repair, stucco sealing, and stucco installation and stucco refinishing. 

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