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Stucco Installation and Refinishing, Kansas City MO

Switching to stucco or refinishing your home with stucco is one of the best investments you can make for your home and for your household. Stucco is extremely durable, reliable, and low maintenance. With all of those deals in mind, you would think that stucco installation and refinishing would cost a lot more than other surface materials. The reality is stucco is one of the economical materials, all while also being the most durable. If you are thinking of making the switch, it is important that you hire seasoned stucco contractors and a reliable stucco company to have it installed.

Why Stucco in Kansas City?

Stucco is one of the most durable surface materials in the market you can have on the walls and ceiling of your home. However, to truly get the most durability and longevity out of your stucco, proper installation is crucial. There are existing methodologies, techniques, and standards for stucco installation and stucco refinishing. Here at KCMO Stucco Repair, we are committed to providing stucco specialty and employing only the best practices in the field to make sure our clients are getting only the highest quality of service.

For instance, our expert stucco repair contractors are trained to make a proper and methodical assessment of the surface material where the stucco will be applied. Tests can be as simple as a sprinkle test or a thorough assessment of the materials used to make sure that the pre-existing surface bonds well with stucco. Our stucco contractors and experts employ techniques that we know will work and ensure full surface bonding with the surface material and the stucco material.

As per our standard procedure, a thorough assessment of the pre-existing material of the wall would have to be done first. Should our stucco experts assess that the walls have bond-inhibiting characteristics such as paint, sealers, dirt, or some other type of coat, our experts may ask to have the walls refinished first or advise against it altogether. This is because should we choose to proceed with the stucco installation and refinishing without considering the pre-existing surface, the stucco may not bond with the material well. This would only cost more problems like delamination and cracking to the layer. Do not worry though because this is generally not a problem with newly constructed walls.

Why Choose Us?

This is why it is very important that you hire a stucco contractor or a trusted stucco company to get the job done. A stucco installed incorrectly will cost you so much money in the long run. If stucco installation is done without a seasoned assessment of the existing wall or should it be insisted upon by a contractor without proper expertise, stucco installation and stucco refinishing can easily go south. Instead of being durable and long term, your stucco would cause more stress to your household. It may even put the overall integrity of your house in a compromised position.

It is also very important that your stucco contractor or the stucco company you choose use only the best materials for their stucco development. Stucco composition is generally simple and the key is in using high-quality cement and lime. This ensures that the stucco is durable while being permeable and workable at the same time. Here at KCMO Stucco Repair, you can rest assured that we are using the highest quality of materials paired with the highest quality of services compared to other stucco repair companies.

Stucco has been used for a long time in human history, from ancient churches and old cathedrals. Stucco has managed to retain its popularity among construction contractors, architects, and interior designers for a reason. Stucco is durable, it is workable, and it just works.

The last thing anyone wants is outdated methodologies and outmoded materials to be used in their homes. As a general motto here at KCMO Stucco Repair, we make sure to keep our men and contractors trained and updated with the latest application technology. Our team is constantly on the lookout for breakthroughs. Our expertise over stucco allows us to stay on top of our game and make sure that we are up to the latest technology in developing, applying, installing, and refinishing stucco.

And so, if you are thinking of switching to stucco and you are looking to invest in something that is durable and one that can last you a lifetime, you are making the right choice. The next thing is to choose a contractor that offers high-quality stucco installation and trusted stucco refinishing services. It is important to hire one that has true expertise over the material, ensuring that their contractors are well trained to do an exhaustive assessment to preempt a proper stucco installation and refinishing service.

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