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Stucco Water Damage Repair, Kansas City MO

In modern construction, masons use stucco for flexibility. An expert in masonry and construction whose knowledge is up to date on contemporary designs, styles, and aesthetics will prefer stucco to any other alternative material. That is because while stucco has been there as early as the Egyptian empire, the methodologies and the materials that are used have improved tremendously. This makes stucco undoubtedly the most innovative construction material there is.

Provided with its benefits as a reliable walling system in homes or buildings, it can also be used to form patterns and designs that may add to the aesthetic value of your property. Because hardcoat stucco is flexible and can be molded, one can create shapes and forms that follow contemporary designs.

Why Stucco Water Damage is Prevalent?

The reason why you need an expert who specializes in installing stucco hardcoat or EIFS is that it is not easy. Not everyone in the construction industry or masonry works is knowledgeable about stucco. In addition, there are many ways on how to install stucco improperly but only one correctly. You have to trust the best and the expert in such business so that you may avoid costly repairs.

One of the main problems of damage as discussed above is improper installation of stucco siding. But have you wondered why an improper installation may result in damage? Usually, improper installation leaves holes, cracks, and some other openings. These openings are prone to irregular water intake. Once your walls absorbed water, it needs to breathe it out efficiently so as not to damage the inner layers of it. However, many walls are not built for this. Worst, a water deposit holds enough moisture that molds can form. Once molds form, they can easily spread to other parts of the walls. Letting this untreated may be a serious health risk for you and your family.

Irregular water intake of the walls can result in cracks. Despite being externally sealed for any water damage, exposure of the internal layers of stucco from water may make the material crumble and become brittle. In some cases, softening of some parts of the wall can be a sign that there is serious damage within the area.

Water Stains on Your Stucco?

This is another problem for water exposure. Water stains are more prevalent and observable in colored stucco. Water stains are caused by the irregular deposits of water on your walls which usually stay 3 days and up to a week. It then vaporizes into the air leaving marks of water. Mostly, these waters bring contaminants such as rusts and other specks of dust coming from the wind and from the metals in your house. It can cause wall or ceiling deterioration. Remember that it does not mean that only a part of your wall will deteriorate. Once a part of your stucco wall breaks down, it can affect the other parts of the wall. This is because the other parts will compensate for the weight that the deteriorated wall can no longer support. The good thing is that water stains are easy to spot.

What our Experts have to say about Water Damage

In our experience, homeowners only call for repair once the damage is already serious. At this point, health and life are at risk in one way or another. It can be due to the formation of molds or even a risk of collapse. This is true for homes that are old enough that their foundations and pillars may have to be renovated by an expert. Always remember to only call for stucco contractors when these things occur. It is always easy to fix a small issue on your walls such as stucco crack repairs and stucco ceiling repairs than to ask for an extensive and comprehensive renovation. It can absolutely cost you more.

Our experts have handled cases before where extensive stucco siding repairs and EIFS repair were required. Besides having to pay more, it will also require more time. It is always better to proactively ask our experts for minor repairs and regular checkups than to ask for major repairs that are more costly.  Remember that we, in KCMO Stucco Repair, only wish for your safety and comfort. We specialize in any stucco repairs and we will do it for you without any additional charges. Our team of experts is trained to diagnose any issues on your stucco sidings and our stucco contractors will give you the most competitive price in the market that will fit your budget.

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